In the bathroom, Lívia Andrade shows how she’s going to wear her very lowcut bikini to the beach

In the bathroom, Lívia Andrade shows how she’s going to wear her very lowcut bikini to the beach

The weather got warmer! Lívia Andrade drew a lot of attention from the beach clicks this Sunday (07) and caused a lot of conversation on social media with her natural beauty. The presenter shared her production with her Instagram followers and wowed the crowd!

+ Lívia Andrade shows off her big butt on the beach and fans praise: “What a monument!”

This time the presenter was happy about the prints when choosing her bikini and took the opportunity to take a picture in the bathroom just before the beach. In the summer mood in the USA, Lívia Andrade drove the crowds crazy.

“She rocks too much in that bikini,” said a follower in the publication’s comments. “I miss you on TV, Lívia knows how to be beautiful when she wants to,” snapped another netizen, who drooled over the blonde in the publication. Check the click:

Lívia Andrade is opening up about mental health after rumors of a new program being canceled

game open! Lívia Andrade recently opened up about her mental health amid several rumors floating around about her new program Música Mix. The presenter commented on the rumors and spoke about the band’s controversial debut Attraction.

“Usually we decide what we drink, what we eat and who we hang out with. But we don’t have the same criteria for news. They’re just shoved down our throats, we don’t even taste the lie. We swallow! This article is heavy and vicious with “an” intent to harm,” the blonde wrote on her Twitter.

“And that thing doesn’t stop, it’s just going downhill! We have no obligation to tell the truth! Screw people’s mental health. Let me fight my anxiety and my rosacea. While we spend on drugs, they benefit from your clicks,” he concluded.

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