In Thailand, the city where the Buddha is king

In Thailand, the city where the Buddha is king

REPORT – Capital of the first Thai kingdom in the 13th century, Sukhothai, with its remains and statues of rare elegance, still bears witness to the great role it played in spreading the Buddhist religion in Thailand.

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The “Land of Smiles” excels in pacifying its visitors, amazed by the intimidating Bangkok traffic, also amazed by the lack of excitement and aggressiveness. fat Chinese driving their sedans; Coolies crumble under boxes filled with fakes and cross them without looking; backfiring tuk-tuk drivers… the vibe is upbeat everywhere. Life sometimes seems like a game: “Thai people learn to control their emotions from an early age,” says Pra Mana Phutjan, a 73-year-old Buddhist monk. He teaches foreigners to walk in meditation at the Wat (Temple-Monastery) Mahathat of Bangkok, which is attached to the Royal Palace. One hundred and fifty-six monks and twenty novices live in peace in this cushioned room, home to the country’s largest Buddhist university. “Walking barefoot teaches you…

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