In sadness in the music world, drummer Danny Manzo    IlPescara has passed away

In sadness in the music world, drummer Danny Manzo IlPescara has passed away

Is dead Danny Manzo, a well-known drummer of the Abruzzo music scene who unfortunately lost his battle against an ugly evil. The official news came out tonight. At the end of May, the same musician announced through a post on social media that he was being admitted to the Civil Hospital “Santo Spirito” in Pescara to undergo “examinations and reviews of my health” and stated that he was “super spoiled and full of life Attention from the wonderful doctors, nurses and all the surrounding staff.” Manzo wanted to write this message “to reassure my relatives and countless colleagues, friends, students and alumni who are flooding me with their love, texts and phone calls.”

Although the drummer was aware that he had to face many tests, he was optimistic: “It will be a fight that will hopefully be short! I am a born fighter!”. He concluded by stating that “because of this, I’m forced to stay out of the music scene just long enough to recharge my batteries”. To replace it in the second work, the Pooh tribute band he has been playing with for some time, was backed by Leo Cornacchia. And Opera Second, in memory of Danny, listed their official Facebook page in mourning without adding any comments. I did the same passport.

Record producer Emanuele La Plebe says he is “speechless” at this tragic death, while bassist Enrico Bevilacqua recalls meeting Manzo in 2008 and it was he who got him to meet Giò Di Tonno, who then wanted him in his band: “From then on I turned professional,” says Bevilacqua. “Rest in peace Danny, may the earth be easy on you. This is very bad news. A hug to all your family, your children and all the people who have loved and respected you in life. We will miss you.” Phil WedTheir drummer, who has worked with Pooh, writes: “Hi Danny Manzo, what terrible news. Hugs to your family and fellow musicians.” The tenor Piero Mazzocchetti he wishes Danny “bon voyage” and thanks him “for everything you have given us in your extraordinary life as a musician and as a friend”.

Massimiliano D’Urbano was not only a colleague of Danny Manzo, but also a friend of his: “Dear Danny, I can’t believe what I’m writing – it’s his goodbye – we met when we were teenagers and we’ve been together ever since loved … the drums of our world … from today on I will always play and raise my eyes to the sky “. Finally, the songwriter’s condolences Gianluca Di Febo: “No doubt a good drummer goes with you, but what will remain in me will be your innate politeness.”