IN PICTURES |  A photographer has an unforgettable encounter with a lynx   –

IN PICTURES | A photographer has an unforgettable encounter with a lynx –

A photographer from Rivière-du-Loup had quite the experience on Wednesday when he encountered a lynx near the swamps of the Kiskotuk Coastal Park in Gros-Cacouna in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Sébastien Dionne had the opportunity to closely observe the animal simply resting in the middle of nature.

“He was a few feet down. It was really next to the swamp and I was standing here, at the top,” he tells TVA Nouvelles.

Courtesy of Sebastien Dionne

He arrived at the scene at sunrise and discovered the animal lying exactly where he usually photographs birds.

“We often see them on the road. It’s a meeting we do, it’s very fast, except I was able to stay around here for almost 30 minutes,” said the photographer.

The young cat was not disturbed in any way by the presence of the man, who was cloaked and motionless.

After a while he climbed back up the path and began to walk away in the direction of another citizen, an ornithologist, who was there.

Courtesy of Sebastien Dionne

“Not wanting to yell to startle the cat and the man, I just let out a couple of ‘Psts’ and the person turned to me. She saw the lynx, he went towards her. Then the animal came my way again,” says Sébastien Dionne.

And so he was able to take several pictures of the moving animal. The cat passed right next to him.

Courtesy of Sebastien Dionne

“I was placed on the ground right at the edge of the path and was more than ready to photograph his head-on approach. The animal did not run, but moved quickly forward. I took as many photos as possible,” reports the photographer.

In 2017, Sébastien Dionne also took a few snaps facing this formidable beast in the same sector.

This time he was much calmer.

Screenshot/Sebastien Dionne

“I saw that he was calm, then I was a little less stressed by his reaction,” he confirms.

A memorable moment and a great reward for this enthusiast who spends hours in nature capturing great images.