In London, Scotland Yard is rocked by a new police scandal involving serial rapists

In London, Scotland Yard is rocked by a new police scandal involving serial rapists

The murder of Sarah Everard, a young woman who was kidnapped on the streets of London one evening in March 2021 and then murdered by a Scotland Yard police officer, Wayne Couzens, has caused very strong emotions in the UK. She also lifted the veil on shocking failings within the “Met,” the Metropolitan Police (or Greater London Police): systemic racism and misogyny, abuse and even serial crimes…

But a new scandal has tarnished the already tarnished reputation of what until recently was considered one of the most respected police forces in the world.

On Monday, January 16, David Carrick, a 48-year-old police officer, confessed to dozens more crimes after admitting to twenty rapes in court in December 2022. A colleague of Wayne Couzens, he was like him assigned to the elite corps protecting the Westminster Parliament, ministers and diplomats.

This “serial rapist” has completely disappeared from the radar of Scotland Yard (but also police in Hertfordshire, Hampshire and the Thames Valley), notably keeping his gun despite nine internal reports between 2000 and 2021, including eight on domestic violence and harassment or attempted rape. He was not arrested until late 2021 and was only formally released by the MET police on Tuesday, January 17th…

loss of trust

It took one of his victims to dare to confide in the police shortly after the arrest of Sarah Everard’s killer for Mr. Carrick to be arrested. A dozen other women later accused him as well — all protected by anonymity.

In a speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday, Home Secretary Suella Braverman commended her courage. She also announced that the independent investigation entrusted by the Home Office in 2022 to Lady Elish Angiolini, a prominent attorney, to understand how Sarah Everard’s killer was able to evolve within the Met without being arrested is on the case will be expanded. Carrick’.

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The testimonies brought to court by the police officer’s victims are horrific and paint a portrait of a brutal man trying to exercise physical and moral control over the women he called his “slaves” or his “prostitutes”. He would contact them on dating apps, befriend them, and then his demeanor would change. He multiplied violence, demeaned acts, attempted rape, and used his police status to silence his companions.

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