In Italy, the focus of the campaign is Mario Draghi’s agenda

In Italy, the focus of the campaign is Mario Draghi’s agenda

By Valerie Segond

Posted 4 hours ago, Updated 4 hours ago

Mario Draghi was applauded by his supporters in Parliament on July 21. REMO CASILLI/Portal

DECODE – The left is trying to recover the legacy of the former President of the Italian Council, who will not stand for election.


After Mario Draghi’s fall, his supporters waved his name and vowed his return, or at least promised to complete everything he had started since arriving at Palazzo Chigi in February 2021. The media assured that this would certainly be the theme of the campaign for the September 25 parliamentary elections. The scenario was written: a kind of “Draghi camp”, made up of reformers, liberals and Europeans, who voted their confidence in him in the Senate on July 20th, will meet on September 25th those who brought him down, namely the movement 5 stars and right, the league, Forza Italia.

“For the left, this is the only possible strategy to hope for an electoral victory, while the declarations of intent are almost 13 points behind the right, even if we count the centrist parties,” estimates Nando Pagnoncelli, director of the Ipsos Institute in Italy. Especially since Mario Draghi is still very popular with Italians…

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