In Domingao Dea Lucia says to Livia Andrade I dont

In “Domingão Dea Lúcia says to Lívia Andrade: “I don’t expect money from any man

Dea Lúcia and Lívia Andrade participate in the painting Believe who want, by Domingão Video Reproduction / TV Globo

Dea Lúcia and Lívia Andrade take part in DomingãoVideo Playback / TV Globo’s Believe Who Wants segment

Published on 02/01/2023 13:14 | Updated on 01/02/2023 13:15

Rio Dea Lúcia sent a heartfelt message to Lívia Andrade on TV Globo’s ‘Domingão com Huck’ this Sunday after the presenter made a joke about her clothes during the ‘Believe Whom You Want’ segment. The mother of comedian Paulo Gustavo, who died at the age of 42, a victim of Covid19, told Marcos Araújo’s girlfriend that she was “beautiful” and “empowered” and that “I don’t expect money from any man”.

It all started when Luciano Huck asked Jojo Todynho to give advice to the public on the first day of the year. “After this ‘Pode Isso Dona Déa’, already to start our year, considering that today is the first day of 2023… Jojo Todynho, do you have any thoughts, any considerations that can help us, that to brighten up the year 2023. Can you share with the people who are watching us at home?” the presenter asked. The singer replied: “Yes! I don’t know who painted the zebra, but I want the rest of the color.”

Luciano didn’t understand what the message was about, commenting, “I’ll think about who saved on the zebra color, I’ll really think about it. I don’t know what that means, but I'” I’ll try this one To understand and reflect on Jordana’s reflection today on ‘Domingão’. This is Lívia, what do you think?” Angélica’s husband asked.

Lívia Andrade then poked fun at Dea Lúcia’s outfit, a striped dress. “That was deep, that was too much. Even Dona Déa could answer that since it was from a zebra on the first day of the year. Where’s the rest of the ink?” Paulo Gustavo’s mother quickly countered the statement and also indicated the look of the blonde. “Look, she’s jealous of me… I’m already silver! The thing is supposed to come from a zebra, in black and white. I’m beautiful, fat, empowered, working and I don’t expect money from any man.”