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Sometimes it’s not easy to get along with the mother-in-law, especially when there’s a wedding coming up. From the dress to the guest list, you risk arguing about everything.

A bride-to-be decided to straighten things out right away and resorted to a rather risky move. Two months after the wedding, he canceled everything.

As Fox News explains, the story was told directly by the bride on Reddit a few years ago, but, as so often, it has recently gone viral again.

She, he, the mother-in-law

Her future husband came from a very wealthy family and her mother always felt entitled to misbehave, so she never felt comfortable. When it came to making the guest list, she was speechless. Her mother-in-law sent her an Excel spreadsheet with the contacts of 80 people and none of them could be interviewed, she had to invite everyone.

The drop that broke the camel’s back

What made her even more annoyed was that she had already made a list of 50 guests, but there was only room for 15 of them. He didn’t see us anymore because of his anger:

“I called everyone and canceled. We got married with our two best friends in a national park.”

Mother-in-law’s reaction? “It’s Bleached”

Apparently, many have asked her how her mother-in-law reacted. She replied that he was certainly not the type to throw a tantrum. However, when she heard the news, she was visibly shocked: she understood that she should have called all her guests and told them the news.

The opinion of Reddit users was unanimous: the bride behaved like a true heroine.

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