In Australia, a €3,500 hiring bonus to address labor shortages

In Australia, a €3,500 hiring bonus to address labor shortages

Victim of the total closure of its borders for two years, the country can no longer recruit. In order to attract new workers, some employers are willing to make particularly attractive offers.

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Published on 08/18/2022 14:28

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“We want to hire more than 150 people immediately. We’re even willing to offer them a €3,500 recruitment bonus,” promises Bill Drakopoulos, CEO of a group of fifteen restaurants in Australia. The boss is not making this offer out of altruism: like most employers in the country, he has all the trouble in the world to recruit.

At 3.5%, Australia’s unemployment rate is at its lowest level in 70 years. If this situation could be the envy of many countries, it hides a major problem: a general labor shortage, a consequence of a zero Covid strategy and a total closure of borders for two years.

To remedy the situation and revitalize the country’s economic activity, the Australian government intends to increase immigration rates by 25% from 2023 and admit up to 200,000 foreigners per year. “It’s a great initiative, acknowledges Bill Drakopoulos, but I want them to go further. We will continue to put pressure on the government to increase these quotas in the hope that many French people will come!”

Aside from immigration policy, the Australian government also hopes to find solutions at the end of a jobs summit organized in September.