In Argentina where abortion is legal a march brings together

In Argentina, where abortion is legal, a march brings together thousands fearful of change if Milei is elected G1

1 of 4 Aerial view of a march for abortion rights in Buenos Aires on September 28, 2023 Photo: Emiliano Lasalvia / AFP 2 of 4 Participants of a march to uphold the legalization of abortion in front of the Congress building in Buenos Aires Aires, on September 28 2023 Photo: Emiliano Lasalvia / AFP 3 of March 4, to keep abortion legal in Argentina Photo: Emiliano Lasalvia/AFP 4 of 4 Image from the march to keep abortion legal in Argentina, on September 28, 2023 Photo : Emiliano Lasalvia / AFP

Javier Milei, the leading candidate in the polls, promised to repeal the law legalizing abortion in Argentina

Thousands of people marched this Thursday (28) in Buenos Aires in defense of legal abortion, which, according to protesters, will be at risk if the farright candidate Javier Milei wins the presidential elections in October.

Among the demonstrators were activists from feminist movements and trade union leaders. “We are coming together to defend women’s rights because we fear that after the elections they will all be overturned,” said 47yearold psychologist Martha Gazzano, who was accompanied by her 15yearold daughter.

Voluntary abortion up to the 14th week was legalized in Argentina in 2021. Watch a video on legalization below.

Argentina agrees to legalize abortion

Milei, who conducts opinion polls, suggested repealing this law and abolishing the women’s ministry.

The march led from the Plaza de Mayo to the Argentine Congress. Demonstrations in defense of abortion are also taking place in other countries in the region such as Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and El Salvador. Hundreds of people demonstrated in Venezuela.