In an undemocratic act Cassia Kis appears to be forcing

In an undemocratic act, Cássia Kis appears to be forcing to leave

*By the editors of Splash

Columnist Chico Barney, moderator of Central splashcriticized the participation of actress Cássia Kis in a demonstration by supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) during the Finados holidays in Rio de Janeiro.

Broadcast in the soap opera “Travessia”, the actress appeared in several videos that were distributed on social networks. In some of them, Cássia kneels and prays with the demonstrators who blocked passageways on several streets because they did not agree with the results of the presidential elections.

Everyone can have a political and ideological opinion, but supporting a coup demonstration should have no place in our society.

For the columnist, the actress’ departure in an undemocratic act appears to be an attempt to force her to leave TV Globo. Cássia had previously stated that playing Cidália in the Gloria Perezwritten storyline would be her departure from soap operas.

It seems that she wants to be removed from the soap opera to please this more radical and farright group. Globo seems to have fallen into a trap himself when he cast Cássia Kis on Travessia.

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