In an interview, Boninho says he turned down a pregnant contestant in ‘BBB’: ‘She didn’t even know’

Participate in all stages, go through Boninho’s trial, get selected, almost have one foot in the house and get the worst/best news from the “Big Boss”. This is what happened to a “Big Brother Brasil” contestant who found out on the eve of giving birth that she had been circumcised because she was pregnant.

The program director narrated the episode in a short interview with Space do Muka without specifying who the person is and which edition he would be participating in. “Sometimes there’s a person we love very much and that guy can’t. I had one participant who had to tell her, ‘Look, you’re pregnant, you can’t come in (laughs)’. She didn’t know,” he said. Boninho, saying that everyone does a blood test beforehand and that’s how the contestant’s pregnancy was discovered.

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During the interview, Boninho also said that he was still “finishing” Globoplay, which wanted to make a documentary about reality, and poked fun at Rodrigo Carelli, the general director of “A Fazenda”.

“The Globoplay people have to do this… For three years they’ve been saying, ‘Let’s do a Big Brother documentary.’ ‘No, because then I’ll tell everyone, I’ll teach everyone, I’ll teach them [Rodrigo] Carelli, how are you doing Big Brother. I can not’. With all due respect, yes,” the director explained.