In an incurable condition Star was kept alive with medical

In an incurable condition, Star was kept alive with medical attention just to be able to finish the soap opera

Estrela da Globo was kept alive so he could finish the soap opera

Soap operas are a national passion and with it actors, writers and directors gain a lot of visibility. Several artists who are no longer with us were so successful that they are remembered to this day, as in the case of a veteran who came to work Ana Paula Arosio.

The celebrity in question was shaped by his soap operas on Globo, but he was hired by SBT when he died. The artist was very dear to big stars and had a sad result as he had to be kept alive just to finish his latest soap opera.

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The star in question is the author Walter George Durst, who went down in the history of Brazilian television by writing great works. One of the biggest hits in the artist’s career is “Os Ossos do Barão”, which is considered a telenovela legacy. The above work had in its cast Ana Paula Arósio and Thales Pan Chacon.

While writing the soap opera for SBT, the star, who had previously appeared on TV Globo, was feeling ill and underwent a battery of tests when he discovered cancer in his spinal cord.

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Famed author Walter George Durst with terminal cancer was kept alive to complete the novel  Photo: ReproductionFamed author Walter George Durst with terminal cancer was kept alive to complete the novel Photo: Reproduction


The author’s son revealed in an interview with “Folha de S. Paulo” that his father made one last request in life. The author of several soap operas on TV Globo wanted to be kept alive with medical help in order to be able to finish the soap opera “Os Ossos do Barão”, originally shown on SBT, according to the heir: “He never stopped writing. Even as he wrote Os Ossos do Barão he felt weak, but the tests showed no symptoms of cancer. He then asked the doctors to let him live until the job was done.”

The veteran died on August 24, 1997, a few days before the end of Os Ossos do Barão, the final chapter of the soap opera, which aired on September 8 and became a milestone in SBT’s dramaturgy.

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