In addition to friends, Dan Stulbach reveals and says goodbye

In addition to friends, Dan Stulbach reveals and says goodbye

Dan Stulbach shared a photo with actors from “Pantanal” in a revelation for the public

Actor Dan Stulbach has starred in several Globo soap operas and will soon be back on the small screen. Because the veteran was invited to a cameo appearance in “Pantanal” and accepted. For the past week, the artist has been recording his scenes in the storyline and didn’t miss the opportunity to capture the moment together with some friends like Dira Paes and Marcos Palmeira.

Through his official profile on Instagram, Dan Stulbach shared a photo with his colleagues and made a powerful revelation showing how the actors are behind the camera. In the caption of the click, the celebrity also took the opportunity to talk about his passage in the storyline and bid farewell to the public, confirming that his participation in the soap opera was very short, so his character didn’t reach the finale becomes .

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“I like them both. Because they are good people, kind and caring. Marquinhos (@marcospalmeiraoficial) is the leader who cuts corners and makes sure everyone is fine. Dira (@dirapaes) is the truth with her talent and the smile that makes everything shine. Such people deserve success. My passage will be short, but enough to celebrate the meeting. (I shot Esperança with Marquinhos and my first film with Dira. And it seems like is It was yesterday.) #pantanal @tvergleichobo,” Dan Stulbach wrote under the caption, in which he starred alongside Dira Paes and Marcos Palmeira.

The click resonated with netizens, with several commenting on the release: “Look forward to seeing you on the soap opera,” said one woman. “You are a beautiful couple, congratulations to Dira,” praised a second. “You are also a good person and very nice!!! Good luck and health at all times!!!”, wished a third follower of Dan Stulbach.

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In addition to friends Dan Stulbach reveals and says goodbyeDan said goodbye to the cast and audience after capturing a passage in Pantanal (Photo: TV Globo)

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