In a micro bikini Ninel Conde highlighted the fall trend

In a micro bikini, Ninel Conde highlighted the fall trend

The social networks by Ninel Conde continue to be among the most visited every day. The Mexican singer and actress has become famous not only for these artistic facets, but also because she shines with her beauty, her fashion sense and a well-toned body that is admirable.

Ninel Conde poses. Source: Instagram @ninelconde

Born in Toluca de Lerdo, she is 46 years old, but she seems to have found the formula to stop the passage of time. Without a doubt, she is one of the most talked about celebrities about her aesthetic, but she is also one of the most criticized. However, Ninel Conde He always manages to shine and stand out from the others.

Ninel Conde’s post on Instagram

On social networks, Ninel Conde He has more than 5.8 million followers, whom he treats to pictures and photos of everything he does on a daily basis. The singer posts her days at the gym, the trips she takes, the social events she gets invited to, and the photo shoots where she flaunts her beauty and sculpted body.

Ninel Conde poses. Source: Instagram @ninelconde

“Prepare a little flavor. A good tan for my birthday vacation. “And what do you do when you need an extra dose of self-care, my beautiful ones?” wrote Ninel Conde along with a video she posted about her social networks. In the post, the beautiful Mexican woman poses in front of the mirror and wears a micro bikini in her silhouette.

“Very beautiful”, “I admire you very much”, “You have a lot of discipline, bravo”, “You are beautiful”, “You are the most perfect creation of God”, “It’s now about competing”, “How “divine” , “Great body” and “Wow, super defined” were some of the compliments he received Ninel Conde received after he shared the video on his Instagram account. The artist showed once again why she is one of the most admired artists.


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