In a bikini, Rachel Sheherazade appears to renew her tan: “I need a color”

In a bikini, Rachel Sheherazade appears to renew her tan: “I need a color”

Rachel Scheherazade
Rachel Sheherazade Reproduction/ Writing on Instagram Observatório dos Famosos

01/18/2023 09:14

Rachel Scheherazade shared a rare photo on her Instagram, leaving netizens drooling over her natural beauty. The journalist posed, renewed her tan and flaunted her body with gorgeous curves.

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In the snap, Rachel sat on a poolside lounger in a striped bikini. From the side, she showed off her slender legs, flat stomach, and even tugged at her swimsuit bottoms.

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“I need a color”

“I need a color URGENTEEEEEEEEE,” Rachel captioned it, explaining that she needs a bronzer. In the comments of the publication, the journalist received several compliments. ‘T pretty this journalist! Sensuality, intelligence and competence! My goodness!’; ‘I looked up the word perfection in the dictionary…… There was this picture meaning’.

Rachel recently posted a makeupfree photo, surprising her followers with her natural beauty and youthfulness. Just like the bikini photo, it received a lot of praise from netizens who were surprised by the click.

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