Impunity allows Israel to continue its crimes, says Syria

Impunity allows Israel to continue its crimes, says Syria

Israel’s inhumane acts could not have continued without the impunity successive US administrations have accorded them, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Bassam Sabbagh, said today.

Speaking at a Security Council session devoted to discussing the situation in the Middle East, the diplomat said that the countries supporting Israel are responsible for its continued occupation of Arab territories and the consequences this has on peace in the region and in iran has are responsible world.

He called on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities and work to stop repeated Israeli aggression against Syrian territory, in addition to stopping the occupiers’ crimes against the Palestinian people.

At a time when the world is seeking solutions to the crises and peace, prosperity and stability prevail, the Israeli authorities are engaging in more aggression and adding further violations of international law and the United Nations Charter to their shameful record, he said.

He assured that such irresponsible acts would bring unprecedented tension and instability to the region.

The Syrian ambassador repudiated Tel Aviv’s collective punitive measures against the Palestinian people after passing a resolution requesting an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the consequences of Israel’s continued violations of the rights of the Palestinian people.

On the other hand, he attacked the ongoing Israeli attacks on vital civilian facilities in Syria, such as the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo and the commercial port of Latakia, which caused the disruption of United Nations air transport services.

For more than five decades, he denounced, Israel has pursued policies of arrests, assassinations and expulsions, in addition to increasing the number of settlers in order to impose demographic changes in the Syrian Golan.