Improved box score: Padres 19, Cubs 5

Improved box score: Padres 19, Cubs 5

What should I say after such a loss? I know it’s my job to figure out what happened and why, and maybe wrap it all up in a meaningful message about the franchise’s long-term prospects…but the Cubs don’t deserve that. Not tonight.

That loss was the seventh time this season the Cubs have allowed an opponent to score at least 10 runs and the third time they have allowed a team to score at least 18 runs. It was too their ninth loss in a row. And all this in front of Jennifer Garner and Alfonso Soriano…. To shame. To shame.

There were a few bright spots, including Christopher Morel’s homer, Ian Happ’s four bases (including three hits) and Eric Stout’s four Ks in 1.2 IP, but I mean… whatever. Frank Schwindel has pitched AGAIN. It’s not charming anymore. This is not fun. It’s embarrassing.

I’m so tired of this. And the Cubs – as an organization – should be ashamed.


I want to move on, but we need to at least briefly address Caleb Kilian’s second major league start before we go to bed. But please expect a deeper conversation about it tomorrow.

The short version is that tonight Kilian had almost no control from the start, walking five total batters, hitting another and uncorking a wild pitch en route to 5 earned runs over 4.0 IP. It was 95+ degrees at the start of this game (damn it was 90 degrees on End of this game), and the Padres line-up is no joke, but it wasn’t a good outing. It seems likely that Kilian overthrew something and may have lost his release point, but we can take a closer look at the data on that tomorrow.

And that’s all I have for you. The Cubs are 23-39, just 2.0 games ahead of the 2012 team, which lost 101 games.

Improved box score Padres 19 Cubs 5

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