Impressive giant squid found on a beach in South Africa  Olhar Digital

Impressive giant squid found on a beach in South Africa Olhar Digital

Some of the world’s largest animals are hidden at the bottom of the oceans and it’s not very common for us to come into contact with them. When these species show up, it’s usually pretty impressive. This time, a giant squid was found on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa.

The animal is rarely seen and was sighted just 10 kilometers away from where another specimen of the same species had been sighted. Footage was shared by Tim Dee, who was walking on the beach when he came across the dead giant squid’s carcass.


Awesome giant squid is seen

“Species of giant squid were shipwrecked off Scarborough beach this morning,” commented the person responsible for the crime. “What’s that to you, Moby Dick?” he added. The main highlight of the photo is undoubtedly the huge eye characteristic of the species.

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In a video posted by Dee on social media, the moment a marine biologist analyzes the carcass and reveals the squid’s giant beak, a tool the animal uses to catch its prey at the bottom of the oceans, can be seen.

To give you an idea of ​​how rare this species is, a giant squid was caught on camera in Japan for the first time in 2006. Few records have been made of the animal since then. They are usually between 200 and 1,000 meters below the ocean.

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