immigrants Nadeau Dubois ends his campaign by accusing Legault of

immigrants | Nadeau-Dubois ends his campaign by accusing Legault of hurting Quebecers

(Montreal) On his last day of campaigning, when Quebecers are going to vote on Monday, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has decided to once again denounce the statements made by his CAQ opponent François Legault on the issue of immigration.

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Hugo Pilon Larose

Hugo Pilon-Larose The press

“François Legault hurt Quebec by speaking about immigrants like that. This morning I have a message for all Quebecers injured by François Legault. I will fight for you. Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s election, I will not let you go,” he said in a final appeal to undecided voters to support Québec solidaire (QS).

The Solidarity co-speaker is traveling to various equestrian games in Montreal this weekend, where the Left Party believes it can win seats from Dominique Anglade’s Liberals. Mr Nadeau-Dubois was joined on Sunday by singer-songwriter Émile Bilodeau, who is often involved in Québec solidaire, to distribute flyers at the Verdun riding arena. Meanwhile, the Liberal leader ends her campaign tour with a visit to eastern and northern Quebec.

The Solidarity Speaker of Parliament also returned to his day on Saturday, when several citizens urged him to condemn the statements on immigration made by François Legault and his Minister for Immigration, Jean Boulet.

“When the outgoing prime minister makes such remarks, when he decides to hurt Quebecers, it hits people in their hearts and in their belonging to Quebec,” he said.

The message it sends is that some people are less Quebecois than others.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, QS co-speaker

“Whether it’s strategy or clumsiness, the testimonies I get walking the streets are people saying, ‘It hurts me.’ I don’t think a prime minister should hurt some Quebecers. It should give itself the mandate and responsibility, regardless of our positions on immigration, to spread our arms and say everyone is a Quebecer,” concluded Mr. Nadeau-Dubois.

After Verdun, Sunday morning, Québec solidaire goes in the afternoon to the riding of Gouin, where the party’s co-speaker is present to hold his press conference on the campaign.