quotIm not feeling well todayquotZilu spoke to the public about

"I’m not feeling well today"Zilu spoke to the public about her health

Zilu vented on video and revealed that he wasn’t feeling well

Zilu Camargo is one of the personalities most talked about today. She’s known for sharing details of her personal life with the public on social media, and has even exchanged barbs with members of her family on Instagram. Known for staying by the singer’s side Zeze di Camargo For more than three decades, the influencer scared her followers a few months ago by revealing that she was not feeling well.

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The celebrity took to Instagram Stories to make an appeal and opened up about her health, which had the public on high alert: “Take advantage of the fact that I’m not feeling well today, I’m staying here on my couch and here’s cheering.” Watch carnival count. A kiss for you and pray for me because today I didn’t wake up well. I’m in bed, I don’t know what it is, I’m really sick,” Zilu admitted in a video where appeared alone.

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After severe pain, Zilu is operated on and appears with both feet at the same time

After severe pain, Zilu is operated on and appears with both feet at the same time

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Zilu appears on video with an enigmatic outburst, leaving a final message: “Life will teach you.”

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The socialite garnered hundreds of admirers and fans and received affection from netizens who sent messages of affection. It should be noted that after the video, in which he appeared to be speaking about his health, Zilu did not provide any further details on his condition and kept a description of what was happening.

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Zilu (Photo: Reproduction)Zilu (Photo: Reproduction)

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