Ilary Blasi, the news is difficult: For the fans it’s a slap in the heart    Kronic

Ilary Blasi, the news is difficult: For the fans it’s a slap in the heart Kronic

Ilary Blasi and the news are the hardest, a heartbreak for the fans: that’s what happened, the details of the story

One of the conductors of undoubted beauty who, since her first debut, has always shown that she has a great passion for the world of entertainment and management: we are talking about it Ilary Blasi. She directs the famous reality show The Island of the Famous and has directed several shows throughout her career, always demonstrating her professionalism. Among these we can remember Big Brother, Le Iene and Top of the Pops. Unfortunately, he had to face a message that is the most serious.

ila smilescuriosity (web photo)

At just three years old, little Ilary appeared with her whole family in the role of Olio Cuore alongside actress Mariangela Melato. Given her beauty, a family friend tries to convince her mother to hire the child for some commercials and Ilary becomes the protagonist of numerous commercials such as Bauli, Findus, Cicciobello, Balocco.

As a teenager, the dream of the show continues and she takes part in several photo novels, where she poses without a veil for Marco Zamboni, up to entering the beauty pageant. Miss Italy. The girl tries several auditions, but eventually gets accepted into the historical program of the 2000s as a “letter”. Word of mouth conducted by Gerry Scotti together with her colleagues Silvia Toffanin and Alessia Mancini.

She is romantically linked Francesco Totti and together they form a beautiful family. Some time ago, the two protagonists of fake news were about a breakup. The champion himself immediately denied everything, saying: “or heard so many stories about me and my family. It’s not the first time you’ve heard that fake news. I’m reaching out to all of you who are writing all of these things, take heed because there are kids involved and kids need to be respected. And honestly, I’m really tired of having to deny it.

Today the woman is at the helm of the well-known reality show The Island of the Famous and, unfortunately, a very pleasant event took place.

A rude awakening for Ilary Blasi

ila bellatraumatic awakening (web photo)

According to some rumors seeing the protagonist Ilary and his show The Island of the Famous, the program may not be extended.

This was stated by The Pipol TV, which stated that this could be the latest installment of one of the most followed reality shows among Mediaset programmes. The reality show could return to other networks or streaming, but nothing is certain.

At the moment, the success of the program brings optimal results in terms of the stock.