Ilary Blasi, discovered your new flame? "Only he": What her sister’s friend knows

Ilary Blasi, discovered your new flame? "Only he": What her sister’s friend knows

Ilary Blasi discovered your new flame quotOnly hequot What her

Ilary Blasi pretends nothing happened, but it’s inevitable that the websites and magazines specializing in gossip will keep talking about her. On the other hand, the end of the marriage with Francis Toti is the story of the summer: everyone is looking for rumors and various backgrounds for the breakup. “After staying at Lake Baires – writes Ivan Rota in his column about Dagospia – the moderator continues to mislead everyone”.

For Francesco...: D'Amico's revelation about Totti and Blasi, the background

“As for the alleged flirtation Christian iovine – he adds – not valid confirmation, even if a red-haired actress and friend of Melory, Blasi’s sister, would have confirmed this special friendship. The alleged affair with the personal trainer who commutes between Rome and Milan would have been the real reason that would have led to the separation from Totti, who would then take comfort in finding himself Noemi Bocchi a new flame. In this sense, an indirect confirmation came about Alex Nuccetellithe mutual friend who introduced Ilary to the captain of the Giallorossi twenty years ago.

The bombastic background: what Totti found on Ilary's cell phone changes everything

“Without a valid reason – he explained – Francesco would never have left, for him the family came first and above all and for Ilary he felt an exaggerated love, a visceral attraction, something serious must have happened.”