Ilary Blasi blurts out The friendship with Silvia Toffanin is

Ilary Blasi blurts out: “The friendship with Silvia Toffanin is uncomfortable…”, the secrets have been revealed

Ilary Blasi and Silvia Toffanin are very close: their friendship has lasted for more than 20 years and has never had a “crisis”. Here’s what the showgirl revealed about her friendship with the host

Ilary Blasi

There are lifelong friendships that nothing can destroy. The one in between Silvia Toffanin and Ilary Blasi it’s just one of them. The two They’ve been friends since the days of word of mouth, in 2000 when they were both characters of the program. Despite being very different, the two women bonded immediately and have remained friends through the years.

It’s a long way from Rome to Milan, but certain relationships don’t suffer from the distance. The showgirl and the presenter are very close and They have never suffered the distance. They often worked together or were each other’s guests, and their friendship always seemed sincere to everyone.

You know, in the world of entertainment, it’s difficult to create real and lasting relationships, but they did it. The brunette and the blonde, so different and yet so connected. Their relationship has weathered the years and the hardships: the two have always supported each other and have never “walked away,” as evidenced by the many photos taken together shopping or having fun.

Now that Ilary is about to break up with Totti, Silvia Toffanin stayed next to her and he respected his will not to go back on TV to talk about it. In fact, unlike her ex-husband, the showgirl has not yet commented on the split and doesn’t seem ready to do so in the short term.

Ilary Blasi Silvia Toffanin

Many have hypothesized that Ilary he could be one of Verissimo’s next guests to talk about the end of his marriage, but the news is unconfirmed. Surely Silvia Toffanin will respect her friend’s wishes.

Ilary Blasi and Silvia Toffanin what is behind their friendship

Ilary Blasi hasn’t spoken to many people about the end of her story, and obviously not in public. Silvia Toffanin is one of the few who know the truth behind the crisis between the two, but has always remained silent out of respect for her friend.

The showgirl recently opened up about her relationship with the presenter and revealed that she doesn’t like to talk about their friendship in interviews. “Not because I don’t want to, but yesit always seems a bit uncomfortable because it seems like you want to play that bonus-like relationship. For the critics or for work, because I’m Totti’s wife or because I’m friends with Silvia,” he explained.

Ilary Blasi Silvia Toffanin

The presenter still wanted to celebrate their relationship by airing a video that collected the two’s most loving and fun moments on TV. A very sweet and tender dedication.