Ilary Blasi, as she is after the separation from Francesco Totti, Alfonso Signorini speaks

Ilary Blasi, as she is after the separation from Francesco Totti, Alfonso Signorini speaks

As the gossip continues to rage about the alleged relationship between Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi, Signorini has revealed that he met Ilary and told him about his state of mind: that’s what he told Messenger.

All eyes are now on her and every social movement is examined in detail to try to understand her current state of mind. It’s about Ilary Blasi that since he announced the separation with Francesco Toti, she has locked herself in rigorous silence.

Ilary Blasi, as she is after separating from Francesco Totti, speaks to Alfonso Signorini

The only news are those reported on social media or the photos of the Blasi on Instagram, who witnessed his vacation. First in Tanzania with the children in the middle of nature, then by the sea in Villa Sabaudia and more recently in the Dolomites. Enchanting landscapes and some stunning images, but absolutely nothing in terms of statements or words. Indeed it seems so Ilary turned down every television interview and we’ll most likely see her back on the small screen in a few months.

It therefore seems impossible to know the real state of mind of the former lady Toti during the gossip about the former Giallorossi captain and the new alleged flame, Noemi Bocchi continues to rage along relentlessly the latest bombshell revelation that the 34-year-old Roman woman is even pregnant with “a pupino”..

To break the silence Blasi but a friend and colleague thought about it: Alfonso Signorini. The host revealed to Il Messaggero that he even met her recently and let everyone know how she feels about the moment. Here’s what he said Alfonso Signorini on Ilary Blasi:

“She has published many photos of the Pragser Wildsee and she is in Cortina. I saw her and we feel. How is she doing? I found her good, Ilary is a very clear woman who knows her craft. I think he wanted to stay out of it and I think that’s very understandable.”