Ikaro Zerlottini Who was the 26yearold influencer who died in

Ikaro Zerlottini: Who was the 26yearold influencer who died in RN Splash?

The influencer Ikaro Zerlottini, who died early Saturday at the age of 26 (28) in Mossoró (RN), became known for sharing humorous videos on YouTube.

The young man often spoke about his son Christian, 5, on social media. The little one has even appeared in some of his father’s videos.

When he didn’t see the boy for months last year because he was living abroad, he wrote a text about nostalgia and moved his followers.

“It’s difficult to stay away from those we love. I miss you every day, every time, every second. Anyway, I found my son again. His baby smell. It seems like a dream. I’m very happy. It was difficult months”, I publish on Instagram.

Icaro Zerlottini

Ikaro Zerlottini  Reproduction/Instagram  Reproduction/Instagram

Influencer Ikaro Zerlottini dies at the age of 26 after a serious car accident in Mossoró (RN)

Image: Playback/Instagram

  • He was born on September 25, 1996 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte and ended up living in Mossoró;
  • According to publications on the young man’s social networks, the influencer currently lives in Milan, Italy;
  • He created the YouTube channel in June 2015. The videos have garnered over 18 million views;
  • Zerlottini became known for posting humorous videos on the platform;
  • The influencer leaves his son Christian, 5, the result of his relationship with exwife Juliana Priscila.