If you make this Corona mistake, you risk getting fired    Today

If you make this Corona mistake, you risk getting fired Today

The new Corona regulation takes effect at midnight. Employees must take sick leave and inform employers.

As of August 1, the quarantine for infected people will be replaced by the so-called “traffic restriction”. Anyone who tests positive for corona and feels healthy can leave the house, but they must wear an FFP2 mask outside their own four walls for ten days – including at work. “Today” clarifies what else you should consider at work.

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If you test positive for the corona virus – with or without symptoms – it’s best to call your GP. If necessary, they can issue a medical certificate and you don’t have to go to work. Employers can also enact an additional regulation so that infected people do not have to attend work, even without confirmation of sick leave. If this is the case, wages or salaries must continue to be paid as usual. But: There is no general right to take time off work for fear of contagion!

So that corona positives with a light stroke can go to work, they must be asymptomatic for at least 48 hours or have a CT value greater than 30. In addition, infection or onset of symptoms must have occurred for at least five days. Anyone who meets these criteria can work, but there is an ongoing FFP2 mask requirement.

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➤ Also The mask must not be removed when eating or drinking in the workplace, except in closed rooms where contact with other people is excluded or outdoors when no one is walking within two meters. Otherwise, a “mask break” is allowed after 75 minutes at the latest. who for example B. who has an individual office and can ensure that no colleagues can enter can also work without a mask. This also applies if ALL colleagues in the office have tested positive for the corona virus.

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➤ Infected persons cannot enter the workplace if either the continuous use of a mask in the workplace is not possible for medical reasons (eg in case of pregnancy) or the continuous use of a mask makes it impossible to carry out the work (eg for speech therapists or musicians). In these two cases, however, work can be carried out if the employer takes adequate organizational or spatial protection measures, such as individual offices.

Speaking of: The The employer must guarantee and controlthat people who are corona positive in the workplace properly comply with “traffic restrictions”, otherwise penalties and even liability claims for damages are threatened.

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