If I had had the band from the USA I

“If I had had the band from the USA, I might have won,” says Andreina Martínez at

Andreina Martínez admitted that if she had attended Miss Universe wearing the Miss United States sash, there were “high chances” of receiving the beauty pageant crown.

His remarks were made while attending the “La mesa caliente” room aired on Telemundo, where one of the questions was about his two nationalities.

‘You have dual citizenship, you’re Dominican, but you’re also American (American), think if you represented’United States of America’ Would you have won the crown?” he asked Veronica Bastosone of the drivers.

In response to her question, the Dominican model analyzed how the American public supports it current winner of miss universeTherefore, the outcome would have been different for her if instead of the ties of the Dominican Republic, her country of birth, she had those of the nation to which she emigrated at a young age.

“If I had had the band from the USA, I might have won” In response, he pointed to the communicator who would have told him that she was his favorite candidate to win the competition.

Despite the controversy this edition of Miss Universe has brought, Martínez clarified that she is “very proud” of her participation, in which she was the second finalist, adding that she is excited to know that she has returned to the national territory with the crown of the most important beauty pageant in the world in hopes of returning.

“Someone told me this morning they felt that I restored confidence in the country to win another Miss Universe,” said the 25-year-old, who hails from Santiago de los Caballeros.

That revealed Andreana After her participation in Miss Universe, the Doors and wants to venture into the world of entertainment, in addition, she will continue to promote beauty pageants as they provide a great platform for participants, but also a great responsibility.

Amelia Vega was the only Dominican to win the crown in this 2003 competition, for which she is considered “the eternal queen”.