Burger King launches the INCREDIBLE Stranger Things special combo

Burger King launches the INCREDIBLE Stranger Things special combo

Fast-food chain Burger King will launch a menu inspired by the series Stranger Things on May 26 , which will have a new season available on Netflix on the 27th.

The special menu will consist of Waffle Burger, Hellfire Potato, Sundae Demogorgon and a temporary tattoo. The combo is limited edition and will be available throughout Brazil.

Certainly, the release of the 4th season of “Stranger Things” is one of the most important events in the entertainment industry in 2022. The return of the series, which returns after almost three years, is being celebrated Burger King released a special series of combinations.

Dubbed the “Stranger Combo,” the limited edition snack is a waffle burger, with two waffles replacing the bun. In addition, the combo also has a potato called ‘hellfire‘ and a sundae ‘Demogorgon‘.

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The Stranger combo also has a special box from the series and a temporary tattoo, all with references to previous seasons of the series, but the network’s entry in the mood of ‘stranger things‘ And that’s not all, two Burger King stores in São Paulo won a special decoration from the series.

The network application will also undergo changes to fit the theme: the special menu can be accessed when the user turns the smartphone upside down.

The tool will also offer discounts on snacks and can help score points in the Burger King loyalty program.

On the menu launch day, two stores in the capital of São Paulo, those at Avenida Paulista, 633 and Praça Panamericana, 21, will be themed.

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