“I was wrong,” Gustavo Mendes admits of the robbery report in MG  Splash

“I was wrong,” Gustavo Mendes admits of the robbery report in MG Splash

Comedian Gustavo Mendes, 33, known for impersonating former President Dilma Rousseff, spoke out this Tuesday (17) to admit he was wrong when he claimed to be the victim of an attempted robbery in Juiz de Fora in Minas to have become angry. .

“First I must remind you that I received two very hard blows to the head. The worst didn’t happen but they were given to kill (stoned) so there in the pics,” he began, posting a video on Instagram.

The artist says he left a bar around 4am after a night of drinking and met a woman whom he described as “ragged” who asked him for money.

According to the comedian, he reacted harshly to the woman because he was “afraid of being robbed,” but she called her partner to masturbate.

I give her a sharp reply, which I usually give in order not to stop. I didn’t want to stop, I was afraid it was getting dark on the street. She’s asking me for money and I have a phrase I always say when I’m asked: ‘Do you have any money to give me?’ I say, ‘I have it, but I won’t give it’. I told her this sentence and left. She left, told her husband he would be right behind, he came to please me.
Gustav Mendes

Next, the comedian recounts that he got into a fight with the woman’s partner and ended up getting two highflyers in his head. Afraid of being robbed, he ran after the man anyway to prevent him from “passing on the image of weakness” to be robbed.

“So much so that I’m quiet on my phone and they’re not criminals, there’s nothing wrong with them stealing. Anyway, when he comes to me to ask for satisfaction, he puts his hand under his shirt, he says so in a statement, and I got scared, I was scared, I thought it was an attempted robbery, there was someone at my place and I started a little argument and said, ‘You’re trying to rob me, who do you think you are? Get out of here, run out of here’. Very cold and aggressive. He goes and takes two rocks and covers me to hit and kill me. And he runs away and I’m still chasing him because I was afraid that he would think that if I knocked myself down I would become weak and he could hit me.

Finally, the comedian admits he was wrong to report an attempted robbery, when in fact the confusion stemmed from a disagreement between himself and the couple.

“I’m telling the police because I’m going to the hospital and the doctor who treated me tells me to stay up until about noon, one in the afternoon. I do not remember. Because when you experience aggression like that in your head you have to stay awake to see if there’s a reaction, in the end it wasn’t a big deal,” he pointed out.

The fact is that I was wrong about this complaint, but I was a victim of this aggression, I suffered this aggression, I could have been dead at that point. Violence is a serious problem. To judge me for misunderstanding the facts is stupid. I suffered head trauma and I want to thank you for the clarification because nothing is more important than the truth. Thanks to the work of the Civil Police, which carried out these investigations with great competence and agility. Gustav Mendes

In the comments of the videos, friends and fans of Gustavo Mendes left messages of support and advised him to “follow life calmly” after the episode.

Last week, the Minas Gerais Civil Police reported yesterday that after investigations they had concluded that Gustavo Mendes suffered physical damage in Juiz de Fora (MG) and was not an attempted robbery.

Gustavo, who appears on social media with two black eyes and a wound on his forehead, responded to the institution’s allegations.

What do the police say

  • The suspect, a 26yearold man, has been identified;
  • Victims and witnesses were heard, including the comedian’s friend who was with him at the time of the aggression;
  • Minutes before Gustavo was hit twice with trebles, there would have been a misunderstanding between the victim and the attacker;
  • Delegate Daniel Buchmuller says if Gustavo is proven to have lied “willfully” the comedian could face charges of libellous reporting or false disclosure of a crime;
  • The plainclothes police are continuing to investigate the case.