I was welcome but he didnt want Meghan the dispute

“I was welcome, but he didn’t want Meghan”: the dispute between Prince Harry and his father before the death of Elizabeth II – Le Figaro

By Lea Mabilon

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Prince Harry at the end of his lawsuit against the Mirror Group newspaper group. (UK, June 6, 2023.) Getty Images

In his memoirs titled “The Substitute,” Lady Diana’s son provides details on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, September 8, 2022, in Scotland. Before he joined his family, he reportedly had a falling out with his father, Charles III.

We suspected it, but Prince Harry came back to confirm it. On September 8, 2022, the death of Elizabeth II at Balmoral caused many tears in the United Kingdom and beyond its borders. But while the public’s eyes were on the grieving royal family, behind-the-scenes tensions did not subside, as Lady Diana’s son explains in The Substitute, published in early January. The tense relationships between his wife Meghan Markle and her father, King Charles III, are always in question.

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Shortly before the death of the ruler, who died at the age of 96, warning signs had alerted the British monarchy. In June 2022, during her Platinum Jubilee to mark 70 years of reign, Elizabeth II appeared weakened and finally returned to her estate at Balmoral in Scotland. His son Charles, still Prince of Wales, Princes Andrew and Edward and their sister, Princess Anne, had flocked to his bedside. Accompanied by Prince William and his partner Kate Middleton, then by Prince Harry… who came alone.

In his memoir, Meghan Markle’s husband explains why. On September 8, as he prepared to return to Scotland from the United States, where he lives with his family, he received a telephone call from his father, Charles III, a few hours before the Queen’s death. “He said I was welcome at Balmoral, but he didn’t want… her. He began to explain his reasons, which were absurd and disrespectful. “Never talk about my wife like that,” recalls Prince William’s brother in his work. “It was now the middle of the afternoon,” he continues, as reported by the Chron. There will be no more commercial flights to Aberdeen on this day. My only option was a charter flight from Luton. Two hours later I was on board.”

The Chron then reported that Charles III. then asked his other son, Prince William, not to travel to Balmoral with her husband Kate Middleton so Meghan Markle couldn’t come. “If Catherine doesn’t come, Meghan can’t either, it’s not appropriate for the brides to attend,” royal expert Robert Jobson told Daily Telegraph Australia. He added: “Harry insisted that Meghan travel to Scotland with him as the Queen’s life deteriorated, but the King said it was only for children and grandchildren to be with the Queen.” Understand again: “Meghan wasn’t welcome, but he couldn’t tell Harry that, so he personally intervened and asked Kate to stay behind so it would be fairer to Meghan.”

“To His Majesty”

On September 8, Prince Harry’s arrival alone at Elizabeth II’s bedside caused a stir among British commentators. Especially since the former Duke of Sussex had finally set foot on Scottish soil after the death of his grandmother. In fact, at 6:30 p.m., the time of the Queen’s death, the flags were lowered to half-mast while she was still flying over England, landing fifteen minutes later. Still, he subsequently posted a modest tribute online, displaying a black screen on the website of his Archewell Foundation, created with Meghan Markle, followed by an epitaph: “In memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – 1926 to 2022.”

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