I was scared Isabel Teixeira breaks the silence after being

“I was scared”; Isabel Teixeira breaks the silence after being ignored by a live reporter and sends the real one


The actress sent a message to É de Casa reporter Thiago Simpatia on her Instagram

Photos: Playback/TV GloboPhotos: Playback/TV Globo

The actress was there last Saturday (31). Isabel Teixeirawhich stood out in 2022 PantanalShe was “ignored” live. TV globe. the reporter Thiago sympathywho did a live performance during the San Silvestre racein Sao PauloShe did not recognize the colleague and pointed out the interpreter Maria Bruacamove them away from the microphone and create a “weather”.

“Later you send a kiss, now you can’t, wait! You’ll be in charge before long,” he shot Thiago. After a touch, the journalist corrected: “She’s an actress, she did a soap opera, I’ll call her right away. Run, come here.” Laugh, Isabel he joked, “I just stopped by to do a little extra for you back there and say I want to send the people of É de Casa a kiss.”

Isabel and Thiago manifest themselves online

Attentive to the impact of the episode, Thiago made a post on Instagram with a message Isabel: “The shock was worth it, she filled me with kisses! Isabel Teixeira, my dear, Happy New Year! I got a lot of kisses and I’m happy,” he wrote. A short time later, the artist was present in the comments and reacted to the publication, again poking fun at what happened.

“Thiago and I entered at different times, not synchronously, I scared him, but then we ran together. And that’s how it ended. In this picture. There is no right or wrong here. What you must do together. May 2023 be easier! Together, together… Thiago Simpatia, I kiss you over and over again,” he finished Isabelthe one that won Best Actress In the best of the year.

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