quotI was in the kitchen and heard a bangquot Rosanna

"I was in the kitchen and heard a bang". Rosanna Fratello opens up about her brother’s suicide

(In the video above the story of Rosanna Fratello)

Fifty years of career, an experience of good and bad. This is what Rosanna Fratello, voice of “I am a woman, I am not a saint”, Verissimo, guest of Silvia Toffanin, tells between her love for her husband Lino, her children and grandchildren. But above all, the memory of her brother Giovanni, who committed suicide at a young age, moves the singer.

Rosanna remembers her brother’s death as the most painful episode of her life. “Even years later, I still have it in my head. He had a short life ravaged by illness and in the end he decided he didn’t want to be there anymore,” reveals the 71-year-old artist. And again: “Today I want to remember him with a smile. He was the one who showed me around at competitions. He was the one who gave me this opportunity to sing, I owe him my career. gesture like this. Two seconds before my mom and I entered the room to be with him, then we walked into the kitchen and we heard a crazy bang: my brother was gone. It’s the worst thing a mother and sister can live. I don’t wish it on anyone. Parents should always go before their children. There isn’t a night that I don’t pray and ask him to stay close to us. I always turn to him to thank him for being my brother.”

Her husband Pino, with whom she has been a couple for fifty years, is inseparable. And that was fundamentally close to his brother Giovanni. In fact, Rosanna and Pino went to Naples together to get some “alternative medicine” herbs for Giovanni. The singer claims she didn’t believe in alternative treatments, but she did it for her mother: a woman willing to do anything to ease her son’s pain. “When my husband and I got together we were very young, he was my neighbor,” she says today. “Pino is a very thoughtful person, he’s always present. He’s there. He’s a person who’s there. And when you go home in the evening, after a show or after a trip, and you find someone around he cares about you, it’s really nice.”