1667471301 I take it and go away

“I take it and go away”

I take it and go away

Francesco Fredella November 03, 2022

twists and turns. All live at 2 p.m., the program will be conducted by Milo Infante on Rai2. What is broadcast is a genuine argument between the conductor and his guest Sebastiano Visintin, the unfortunate man’s husband Liliana Resinovich who have died in the past few months under circumstances that are still unclear. Infante investigates and asks the man for clarification on some statements about other characters that revolve around this story.

“Those are antics I don’t need you to tell me. I would like to be with you and chat, I don’t have to justify myself to anyone … otherwise I’ll take it and go away. Will the stuff that comes out be our cabbage?” says the man. Which freezes the conductor. But Infante points it out without too many words: “I’m also doing it for his protection. When a person on a TV show Brussels and Frazzita I can come to their aid if they want, he says something that is wrong and the transmission has to say when it is wrong: “We tell you that what Claudio said yesterday never happened”. Then he adds: “I do it for your protection too.” But after a few moments of tension, everything returns to normal and calm.

The small dispute with Sebastiano Visintin ends on many websites and on social networks, always ready to continue what is happening live. Infante then continues the program, also dealing with the mysterious death on October 31 of Liliana Resinovich, a homeless victim of brutal beatings. There is also talk of the thriller of Castel Bolognese with the death of the hunter. Among the guests is non-Dancing with the Stars criminologist Roberta Bruzzone.