“I said yes”.  Alena Seredova is getting married, the announcement of the wedding with Nasi on Instagram

“I said yes”. Alena Seredova is getting married, the announcement of the wedding with Nasi on Instagram

Alena Seredova and Alessandro Nasi They marry. After weeks of rumours, the couple decided to come out and confirm that they are now ready for the big move. So it’s not a rumor, it’s official news, but without romantic videos or dream locations. After all, confidentiality has always been the hallmark of the stunning Czech model’s way of life.

Alena Seredova on Instagram: “I said yes”

Just a few words to announce that she has decided to marry Alessandro Nasi, her longtime partner and father of her daughter. Vivienne-Charlotte. The couple had been on the air for a wedding for months, but no one had ever confirmed the indiscretion. Now, in less than suspicious times, Alena Seredova decided to share a photo with her partner, with whom she wanted to announce that she accepted her marriage proposal.

“I said yes,” wrote the model, who briefly shared the big news with the world. While waiting for the wedding, the couple enjoys one beautiful extended family and a summer of rest, probably the last before they become husband and wife. there date, of course, it is not yet known. The leaked one still remains in the narrower field of rumours: The future spouses cancel the reservations on the day chosen for the ceremony.

Love for Alessandro Nasi

Alessandro Nasi, a Torino manager related to the Agnellis, has been at Alena Seredova’s side since 2015. Together they had a beautiful little girl – Vivienne – who could received baptism right on his parents’ wedding anniversary. The ceremony would have been postponed to overcome any restrictions imposed by the pandemic and to reunite the whole family, including hers who still lives in the Czech Republic.

there Love story with Alessandro Nasi is the one who literally gave the smile back to the beautiful Czech model, who found her sentimental composure after the tumultuous end of her marriage to Gigi Buffon, who she had from Louis Thomas and David Lee. Far from the gossip and the show, she has chosen to keep her private life confidential and enjoy her family without proclamations and without too many pictures on social media.

The only photos he likes to share are those of his children and little Vivienne, who grows up day by day. Now that the Marries Alessandro Nasi it has been decided that there will be a baptism for the little one in the house. In fact, it’s not out of the question that he may receive it on the wedding anniversary of his mother and father, who have kept the date of their wedding to themselves (for now).

The separation from her ex-husband, on the other hand, was total. The showgirl broke up with him completely afterwards Betrayal with Ilaria D’Amico, whose photos even ended up in the newspapers. She has never commented on the matter, save for a few succinct statements, always stating that she is not suitable for “extended families”, implying that she has no relationship with her ex’s new family.