"I have no doubt": Vladimir Putin believes that the Russian victory in Ukraine "is guaranteed"

"I have no doubt": Vladimir Putin believes that the Russian victory in Ukraine "is guaranteed"

The Russian president says he has “no doubts” about his army’s victory, despite the setbacks he has acknowledged in recent months.

Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that he had “no doubts” about a Russian victory in its offensive in Ukraine, almost a year after the start of the Russian operation on Ukrainian territory, where Moscow suffered several serious military setbacks.

A victory, “that’s guaranteed, I have no doubt about that,” declared the Russian President during a visit to an arms factory in Saint Petersburg.

According to Vladimir Putin, “the unity of the Russian people, the courage and heroism of our soldiers (…) and, of course, the work of our military and industrial sector could help Russia”.

“Protect” the residents of eastern Ukraine

The Kremlin master reiterated that in his view Russia was facing a “neo-Nazi regime” in Ukraine and reiterated that it would continue to “help” the residents of Ukraine’s separatist east.

“We have to protect them,” he emphasized, “victory will be ours.”

His comments come some 11 months after the offensive began in Ukraine, where Russian forces have suffered several major setbacks in the face of Ukrainian offensives in recent months. Faced with these difficulties on the ground, Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilization of 300,000 reservists and a bombing raid on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Last week, the Russian army and Wagner Group mercenaries announced that they had captured the modest town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine, near Bakhmout, which the Russians have been trying to capture for months. After the announcement of the conquest of Soledar, Vladimir Putin welcomed “positive dynamics” at the front and hammered that “everything is going according to the plans of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff”.

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