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“I have a large fibroid”

The Hollywood diva has revealed on her social channels that she has been diagnosed with a fibroid; It’s not the first time Sharon Stone has had health problems.

The actress will face a ‘operation This will require several weeks of silence: she shares it with her fans with an Instagram story and a tweet, revealing the discovery of the fibrous tumor it is the result of a Second Diagnosis. It’s not the first time the actress has had health issues; but what is fibroid, what are the caused egg symptoms this benign formation?

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A misdiagnosis

The discovery of the fibroid came with a Second Diagnosisrequested by Stone himself after one first misdiagnosis It is a as well as improper care: has undergone one Double epidural anesthesiabut the pains it only got worse. So the 64-year-old actress requested a second medical opinion and found that she had a “large fibrous tumor“.

Sharon Stone needs surgery

The tumor must be AWAY with an operation that she will undergo in the next few days: In order to ensure a full recovery in safety, the diva must Take a break for 4 to 6 weeks rest and only think about your health.

Ask for a second opinion

The actress has admonished everyone, but especially them Womento avoid problems e Always ask for a second medical opinion if the first doesn’t convince us or if the pain won’t go away. “This can save your life‘ he writes on Twitter. “Thanks for your love. It’s okay,” Stone concludes calming his fans.

Another health problem

This isn’t the first time Sharon Stone has faced gods serious health problems: the 2001 In particular, it’s been an unlucky year for the Basic Instinct star, who has had to remove a few benign tumors. After this operation, a very severe headache led to the discovery of a ‘very severe cerebral hemorrhage which he took seriously danger his life. But he did it, and that’s what we wish the actress quick recovery also for this intervention.

What is a fibroid?

That fibroidor fibroid, is a benign tumor composed of fibrous connective tissue that develops more commonly on the plain colon, stomach, skin, Bone and for female ovaries and uterus. It is more common in moles children but can also develop adultwith a’similar incidence in men and women. They don’t exist caused specific to the development of fibroids, but those who have one have been shown to be more likely to be affected dark complexion and people overweight.

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Symptoms and treatment of fibroids

Fibroids are formations that in most cases arise without the patient being able to accuse their presence long silence. A different discourse applies to the fibrous tumor of the uterus which can manifest itself symptoms the anemia (iron deficiency in the blood), dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), menorrhagia (severe and persistent menstrual loss), metrorrhagia (losses outside the menstrual cycle), constipationfrequent need for Urinatepain and feeling of heaviness Abdomen. Although it is a benign tumor, it is absolutely necessary seek medical treatment if you suspect you have a fibroid to assess the case and find a cure: the removal by surgery it is almost always recommended for rule out the possibility that tumor formation can progress to a malignant form.


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When the fibroid becomes dangerous

Although it is very rare casescertain forms of fibroids develop and become gods malignant tumors. That fibrosarcoma is the malignant form of fibroids, affects i soft tissue and manifests as one rapidly growing mass. In this case, the most effective therapy is generally the chemotherapywhich leads to a about 80% chance of healing. This leads us to reiterate the importance of seeing a doctor if you have any doubts or suspect you have developed a fibroid.

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