‘I hated it’: Jasmine Carrisi finally speaks |  The House of Al Bano Shakes: Now What?

‘I hated it’: Jasmine Carrisi finally speaks | The House of Al Bano Shakes: Now What?

Jasmine Carrisi can no longer keep everything to herself and explodes: the girl has revealed what she thinks of her parents and how difficult it was for her to grow up with two stars in the family. Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso’s daughter has been in the spotlight since she was a child.

Jasmine Carisi

In the end, Jasmine Carrisi gave up and revealed what she thinks of her father, Al Banoand his fame. He opened up about his childhood and youth to the microphones of Bella Ma on Rai 2 Went to war with her father and even hated him.

Statements that left viewers speechless, especially given that Al Bano is a much-loved singer and highly respected artist. but The reasons for the statement of the young woman are understandable: Her life was immediately in the spotlight and the girl was never able to grow as she would have liked.

Jasmine Carrisi vs. Al Bano

Jasmine Carrisi, daughter of Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso, known together with Albano Jr. as “Bido”, is a girl with heads on her shoulders and very clear ideas about her future. In fact, the young woman dreams of becoming a professional singer like her fatherand does whatever it takes to make ends meet and crown his wish.

Jasmine Carisi

Even if we see her calm and happy today, on good terms with her parents, unfortunately it wasn’t always like this: The girl had a break with Al Bano and Loredana and moved away from them. The suffering was too great; She told it herself in a TV interview, where she explained her version of the facts about one of Italy’s most talked about families.

Pierluigi Diaco, at the helm of Bella Ma, tried to investigate the private life of young Carrisi. In addition to the question of how she sees her future and how her music career is going, The conductor also asked her for an opinion on her family and the media hype that had arisen during her childhood.

“I hated gossip for a while. I was rejected” he revealed and explained about even “hating” his parents for their fame. Obviously, he clarified, it was a question of hatred for the situation that had arisen, also because many of the things they said about his family were not true.

Jasmine Carisi

However, she has always suffered from it along with her brother. From a young age, she saw her parents make the headlines and innuendos surrounding their relationship. It certainly wasn’t pleasant for the girl. Today things have finally settled down and Jasmine has a lovely relationship with her parents.