quotI had a transplantquot the incredible confession of Francesco Facchinetti

"I had a transplant": the incredible confession of Francesco Facchinetti SoloCine SoloCine

You know: Social media is the mirror of your own life, especially when it comes to public figures. All his followers noticed the changed look and for this reason Francesco Facchinetti, one of the most popular faces of Italian television, left statements about his new look. Find out what he said.

Born 1980, May 2nd in Milan, under the sign of Taurus, Francesco Fachinettithird son of Roby Facchinetti, is a Singer, Manufacturerradio announcer, actor, TV host and wonderful father of three. He started his career in the 2000s: nicknamed DJ Francesco – thanks to the special and unique collaboration of Claudia Cecchetto – Conquers the tops of the music charts and wins the title of summer hit 2003 with Das Lied des Kapitäns.

The transplant of Francesco FacchinettiBefore and after Francesco Facchinetti Solocine.it

The following summer it is Salta’s turn, the second single to guarantee Francesco the title revelation of the year. Over the years he has taken part in the reality show L’Isola dei Famosi, leads the X Factor, coaches his beloved father Roby on The Voice, is a judge on the TV show on Rai 1 The Masked Singer directed by Milly Carlucci.

In short, everyone knows what Francesco is like full of characterwith a thousand shades and is absolutely loved by TV, radio and social audiences for his character outgoing and versatile, for its unique style and for its see extravagant.

The Facchinetti – Faissol family speaks about themselves on social media every day, and one detail certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the internet public: theirs sudden foliage caused much gossip among Fakko’s followers, nicknamed by his wife Wilma.

This story was in fact deepened by Francesco himself in his parish.

Wilma rejects the new look

Wilma Helena Faissol, who has been linked to Francesco since 2014, has repeatedly stated that she is opposed to her husband’s breakup. Facchinetti said in an interview, “My wife is distraught about how I dress, because of my hair, and like many wives, she approves of almost nothing I do.”

Hair loss can negatively affect the life of each of us and especially a little boy’s self-esteem. This is what happened to Facchinetti, who started losing his hair at the age of 20.

Before coming to the transplant solution, Francesco tried them all: from powder to lotions. Then the transplant: “6,000 hairs from the back of the neck went to the forehead, a lot of pain, but after 4 or 5 years I should have repeated the operation and I didn’t feel it. I’ve tried them all: with the powder I got dirty everywhere, from the pillow to the car seat, then the lotions.

After despair the solution

Luckily the problem seems to have seen the wait Resolution after a long time: through the help of skin patch, That is, a prosthesis that stays attached for a month and is then replaced again.

The transplant of Francesco FacchinettiBefore and after Francesco Facchinetti

“I always live with my hair” sings Niccolò Fabi and finally Francesco can live happily with his family.

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