"I got scammed so…".  Veronica Ursida teases Giletti

"I got scammed so…". Veronica Ursida teases Giletti

quotI got scammed soquot Veronica Ursida teases Giletti

Revenge in the music of Shakira against her ex-husband Gerhard Piqueformer defender of the Barcelonahas been all over the world. Many women appreciated the courage and pride of the Colombian superstar, who raised the young rival in love and poked fun at the ex: “You switched Rolex with a casinoone Ferrari with a Twingo“.

Who did they catch Veronica Ursida with?  Earthquakes away from the cameras, here men and women come down

guest of Massimo Giletti to It’s not the Arena, on La7, also the influencer Veronica Ursida interferes in the gossip case that has monopolized the last few days: “We cheated on women before a song like that, we all thought it was great, very good, that took the words out of our mouths”. ‘Be patient – interrupting a confused Giletti – you made a promise. We’re nearing completion, I’m sorry but this matter needs to be addressed. They said: ‘We cheated on women‘. But did he say it metaphorically or…”

“We betray women”. Ursida shocks Giletti, watch the video here

“No no, I was cheated in my life,” admits the beautiful guest. And the landlord is startled: “They also?”. “When they cheated on me, I thought: They cheated on me with a Casio, a Twingo… Something like that. So we cheated on women… Well, you deserve that. Come on, Shakira.” And there’s applause from the studio audience.

Too vulgar, you can't even read it.  News shock from Incarnate to Ursida (and weird photos appear too)