quotI dont expect money from anyonequot Dona Dea Lucia mother

"I don’t expect money from anyone"; Dona Déa Lúcia, mother of Paulo Gustavo, trades barbs with Lívia Andrade…


Dona Déa Lúcia didn’t seem to like a speech by Lívia Andrade about the clothes she wore on the show

Dona Déa Lúcia and Lívia Andrade on Sunday© Reproduction / GloboDona Déa Lúcia and Lívia Andrade on Sunday

Livia Andrade and Dona Déa Lúcia, mother of Paulo GustavoShe took part with Huck yesterday afternoon (01) last Sunday and starred in a somewhat unusual scene that ended up having a lot of repercussions on social media.

during attraction, the two exchanged teases and the former SBT host received a nasty reply from her stagemate at the end. The two were responding to one of funk artist and host Jojo Todynho’s catchphrases when it came to this. “I don’t know who painted the zebra, but I want the rest of the color,” the funk artist said.

Lívia then took the opportunity to comment on Déa’s outfitShe, who wore a striped print: “That was deep, that was too much. Even Dona Déa could answer that, as she came from a zebra on the first day of the year. Where’s the rest of the ink?” she teased.

When I heard Livia’s mean comment, Dona Déa didn’t think twice before answering: “Look, she’s so jealous of me… I’m already silver! Thing is to come from Zebra, in black and white. I’m beautiful, fat, empowered, working and I don’t expect money from anyone,” she said. Several netizens tweeted that Paulo Gustavo’s mother’s speech could have been a reference to Lívia, the current girlfriend of businessman Marcos Araújo.

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