I did a lot of nonsense admits Emilly Araujo of

“I did a lot of nonsense,” admits Emilly Araújo of the BBB award

In an exclusive interview with columnist LeoDias, Emilly Araújo spoke about the BBB17 award among many topics. She commented on her reaction upon seeing so much money in the account, admitting she made some mistakes and mentioning what the unnecessary expenses were.

“I’ve done a lot of nonsense, that’s a fact. When I left I thought the money was infinite. Imagine a girl who doesn’t even have a bank account opens a bank account to place the prize. For me it was money that had no end, I was in touch with it. I’ve done some stupid things, spent it on nonsense for free, travel, clothes, accessories, rented an expensive apartment…” evaluated Emilly.

Color print of Emilly Araújo's interview with the LeoDias columnEmily Araújo, BBB17 Champion

Emilly Araújo in an interview with the LeoDiasReproduction column

Emilly Araújo (Reproduction: Instagram)Emilly Araújo (Reproduction: Instagram)

Emilly Araújo Emilly Araújo (Reproduction: Instagram)

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Emilly AraújoAgência Brazil News and Leca Novo/Image courtesy of Metrópoles

BBB17 champion Emilly Araújo vents after being named to reality show Globo's Worst Winners listEmily Araújo eruption

Emilly Araújo, BBB17 champion, vents after being named to Globos realityReproduction/Instagram’s Worst Winners list

Advertising by Metropoles 2 partnersEmily AraujoEmily Araujo

Emilly Araújorreproduction/ instagram

Screenshot 18399Emily Araujo

BBB17 winner Emilly Araújo is quoted to enter reality


“Today I can say that I bought my apartment,” revealed the BBB Champion when asked if she bought a property. “It’s the first thing I’ve bought. It’s not where I live, it’s under construction, I bought it from the floor plan,” she added of the São Paulo apartment.

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