Hydro Quebec recommends the Hilo Smart Home Is it for monitoring

Hydro-Québec recommends the Hilo Smart Home: “Is it for monitoring our data?” – TVA News

A Quebecer asks: The state-owned company Hydro-Québec recommends its subsidiary Hilo, but should it better monitor its customers’ data?

Hilo is a smart home system that offers solutions to optimize energy consumption.

Trilogiam’s cybersecurity consultant, Jacques Sauvé, immediately agrees: This system will actually send data to Hydro-Québec.

“Look, our meters already do it; Anyone can log in to the Hydro website and we can already see all the consumption values ​​and trends in our home. […] Is Hilo going to tell Hydro-Québec that I just put on my Tintin pajamas and then just poured myself a nice scotch before listening to my favorite news show, “Mind Your Business”? No!” reassures Mr. Sauvé.

According to the cybersecurity expert, other technologies are much more likely to put our data and privacy at risk, “like the applications we install on our phones.”

“The TikToks and Threads of the world, as well as the intelligent assistants we use in our homes,” are among these technologies, explains Mr. Sauvé.

The cybersecurity consultant also says he monitors his own energy consumption on the Hydro-Québec website, which helps him save money.

“And that is exactly what Hilo aims to do: to help you better manage your heating and electricity consumption. So yes, go ahead, it’s perfect, it’s a very good system. Keep going,” he highly recommends.

For full explanations from Trilogiam cybersecurity consultant Jacques Sauvé, see the video at the top of the article.