Hundreds of flights delayed, canceled at Charlotte Douglas International Airport – WSOC Charlotte

Hundreds of flights delayed, canceled at Charlotte Douglas International Airport – WSOC Charlotte

Hundreds of flights are delayed and dozens are canceled at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

CHARLOTTE — Hundreds of flights were delayed and over a hundred canceled at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Sunday, according to website FlightAware.

Most of the delays came from American Airlines and its subsidiaries PSA Airlines and Piedmont Airlines.

Of the cancellations, nearly 60 were from American Airlines, over 30 from PSA Airlines, six from Endeavor Air, two from Jazz Air and one from Envoy Air.

Of the more than 500 delays, nearly 300 were from American Airlines, over 100 from PSA Airlines and more than 30 from Piedmont.

American Airlines told Channel 9 that weather and air traffic control initiatives were largely to blame for the delays.

A representative said the weather is creating a domino effect creating the perfect storm for delays and cancellations.

Air traffic control sometimes sets up a ground delay program or ground stop that controls the number of incoming flights.

Weather delays can also affect flight order for crews, causing some of them to be reassigned or disabled and unable to fly.

Passenger Caroline Roberts said she understood some things were out of the airline’s control, but said she wanted more notification.

“No one called me to say my flight was delayed or canceled or anything so I could have stayed in Connecticut with my daughter and now I’m here and I don’t know when I’m going to be home,” he said he Roberts.

Maria Zambrano said her travel headache started when she arrived from the Dominican Republic on Saturday.

“We weren’t sure if our flight was going to be canceled or rescheduled and they ended up canceling it. I had to find a hotel and deal with the hassle of Uber,” Zambrano said.

Passenger Daniele Olson was traveling to Charlotte from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport because her flight there was delayed and she feared missing her flight in Charlotte.

Olson arrived in Charlotte only to be faced with a similar problem.

“We drove at least two hours here, just checked in and the flight was rescheduled to the later flight time anyway,” Olson said.

These passengers aren’t the only ones who have faced delays and cancellations this summer.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Charlotte Douglas was among the top five airports with the worst delays this summer, with almost 30% of flights delayed and more than 3% cancelled.

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