Humberto Zurita Messages Jorge Salinas After Alleged Cheating

Humberto Zurita Messages Jorge Salinas After Alleged Cheating

Humberto Zurita / Agencia Mexico

Humberto Zurita / Agency Mexico

Jorge Salinas has been placed at the center of the controversy after a national newspaper published the pictures in which he was allegedly to be seen They caught him kissing extramaritally with his nutritionistso that the reactions of some celebrities were already emerging.

Despite the fact that several artists have defended the actor, pointing out that the images may be bad movement due to the camera angle, which suggests that Salinas commits adulteryOther personalities such as Humberto Zurita did not hesitate to send a powerful message to the artist.

During his meeting with the media at Mexico City Airport, Stephanie Salas’ current partner heard the questions about it and primarily said: “Oh, Jorge, please behave, please.”

But on a more serious note Zurita used the cameras to prove his colleague right when in doubt and although he admitted having had a few meetings with him, he remarked that he did not know him personally to be able to say more on the matter.

Humberto Zurita and Jorge Salinas / Agencia México

Humberto Zurita and Jorge Salinas / Agencia México

“I know Jorge because twice I wanted to direct him in something but no more, I don’t have a friendship with him. I know him, I know he’s a very important person and I hope he puts things in order,” he said.

Changing the subject, the renowned actor did not want to comment on the causes of his wife Christian Bach’s death, as the cause of death is still unknown to this day. “There are no secrets, when a person dies, dies, dies, what will you die of?, well, take care, don’t die… No, don’t ask me anything irrelevant.”he defined.

FinallyZurita expressed his refusal to decide on the performer of “La Incondicional”.who was then the partner of Stephanie Salas, his current girlfriend.

“Oh Luis Miguel, how many years ago did you go with Luis Mi? Because he’s the one you care about, I don’t know Luis Miguel personally, I’ve seen him twice in my life but I like him a lot, super” finished

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