Humanitarian Day: "people are in trouble"

Humanitarian Day: "people are in trouble"

The consequences of the climate crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects of armed conflict are forcing more and more people into difficulties.

Humanitarian help. “The situation of the people does not allow Austria’s development policy to continue flying blind in times of crisis,” Andreas Knapp, Secretary General of Caritas Austria for foreign aid, appealed to the federal government on the occasion of World Humanitarian Aid Day. .

“It is clear that humanitarian aid saves human lives. A small country like Austria can achieve great things in this particular area. We are currently seeing this in Neighborhood Aid for Ukraine, where both citizens – for example, as part of “Neighbor in Need” – and the federal government helped quickly and efficiently,” explains Knapp.

“Time for a Conversation”: The Caritas Plauderbankerl

Caritas emergency contact points

Since the beginning of the war, around 3.4 million people in Ukraine help received from Caritas. The aid ranges from providing food, hygiene items, psychosocial support, money and a safe place to sleep for the internally displaced. In cities in conflict, Caritas has established emergency contact points where people can get medicine and food. A total of 42 aid transports with 443 tons of relief goods benefited the population in Ukraine, many more transports are on the way and are being planned.

Caritas urgently asks for food donations

Price pressure and inflation

But aid must not end at Europe’s borders. As a result of climate crisisThe Covid-19 pandemiclocal conflicts and Price pressure and inflation we are going through a dramatic hunger crisis in many regions of the world. “After the number of hungry people has been decreasing for years, now it has increased again. 828 million people suffer from hunger worldwide. This extraordinary need demands extraordinary help”, says Knapp, highlighting the drama.

Caritas chief calls government law “far from reality”

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