Huck Says Joaquim Spent 40 Minutes On The Wrong Line

Huck Says Joaquim Spent 40 Minutes On The Wrong Line: ‘First Ride’

In today’s program “Domingão com Huck” Luciano Huck commented on the first choice of Joaquim Huck, 17, his eldest son with Angélica.

“I voted for the first time with my son, a firsttime voter. He took the wrong line and only realized it after 40 minutes”.

Paulo Gustavo’s mother said she left the house at 9 a.m. and spent about 40 minutes in line to vote.

On the show, he also spoke about the importance of respecting the results of the elections.

“It is very important to respect the election result, the voice of the people is the voice of God,” he said.

Elections 2022: Celebrities vote this Sunday

Luísa Sonza  Patrícia Devoraes/Brazil News


Louise Sonza

The artist voted in São Paulo, dressed in red, and “made the L” for photographers. Luísa published the votes for her candidates on Twitter.

Patricia Devoraes/Brazil News Paola Carosella  Reproduction/Instagram

2 / 42

Paola Karosella

“The power of a VOTE. It’s a lot of emotion! The nightmare will end!” the chef wrote on Twitter.

Reproduction / Instagram LudmillaWebert Belicio/Agnews



Ludmilla voted at a school on Ilha do Governador in Rio’s North Zone in the morning.

Webert Belicio/Agnews Bruna Marquezine  ROBERTO FILHO / BRAZIL NEWS

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Bruna Marquezine

The actress voted in Rio de Janeiro and also did the “L” on the post for photographers.

ROBERTO FILHO / BRAZIL NEWS Karina Bacchi  Patricia Devoraes/Brazilian News


Karina Bakchi

The artist went to the polls wearing a Brazil jersey and a green coat. She kissed the receipt and thanked God.

Patricia Devoraes/Brazilian News Taís Araújo and Lázaro Ramos  ANDRÉ HORTA / BRAZIL NEWS

6 / 42

Tais Araujo and Lazaro Ramos

Dressed all in white, the couple also chose in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro.

ANDRÉ HORTA / BRAZIL NEWS Fatima Bernardes  Agnews

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Fatima Bernardes

The presenter, who revealed for the first time who she would vote for, went to the polls wearing a Tshirt that read “Hungry for the future”.

Agnews Paolla Oliveira  Agnews

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Paola Oliveira

The actress showed photographers the title.

Agnews Gloria Pires  ANDRÉ HORTA / BRAZIL NEWS


Gloria Pires

Actress Elected in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

ANDRÉ HORTA / BRAZIL NEWS Pedro BialJC Pereira / AgNews


Pedro Bial

The presenter, who votes in Rio de Janeiro, showed the E title.

JC Pereira/AgNews Marcos Buaiz  Lucas Ramos/Brazilian News


Marcos Buaiz

Wanessa Camargo’s exhusband voted in Alphaville, São Paulo.

Lucas Ramos/Brazil News Eliane Giardini  Thyago Andrade/Brazil News


Eliane Giardini

The actress is voting in the 2022 election

Thyago Andrade/Brazil News Ticiane Pinheiro  Andy Santana/Brazil News

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Ticiane Pinheiro

Ticiane Pinheiro votes in Sao Paulo

Andy Santana/Brazil News Adriane Galisteu  Clayton Felizardo/Brazil News

14 / 42

Adriane Galisteu

‘A Fazenda’ host votes in São Paulo

Clayton Felizardo/Brazil News Marisa Orth  Amauri Nehn/Brazil News

15 / 42

Marisa Orth

Actress chooses in Sao Paulo

Amauri Nehn/Brazil News Gabriela Duarte  Andy Santana/Brazil News

16 / 42

Gabriella Duarte

Actress chooses in Sao Paulo

Andy Santana/Brazil News Antonia Fontenelle  Roberto Filho/Brazil News

17 / 42

Antonia Fontenelle

Presenter takes her children to the elections in Rio de Janeiro

Roberto Filho/Brazil News Angelica  Brazil News



Moderator attends the elections with actress Carolina Dieckmann

News from Brazil Carolina Dieckmann  News from Brazil


Carolina Dieckman

Actress agrees with Angelica

News from Brazil Claudia Raia and Jarbas Homem de Mello  Andy Santana/Brazil News


Claudia Raia and Jarbas

The pregnant actress arrives with her husband to vote in São Paulo

Andy Santana/Brazil News Mara Maravilha  Lucas Ramos / News from Brazil


Mara Maravilha

The presenter went to vote with her son and husband.

Lucas Ramos / Brazilian News Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank  Thyago Andrade/AgBrazilnews

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Bruno Gagliasso and Gio Ewbank

The couple “did the L” as they posed for photographers.

Thyago Andrade/AgBrazilnews Lexa  Rodrigo Sanches/Brazil News



Artists elected in São Paulo.

Rodrigo Sanches/Brazil News Rita Cadillac  Clayton Felizardo/Brazil News


Rita Cadillac

The actress voted in São Paulo and showed the ballot.

Clayton Felizardo/Brazil News Antonia Morais  Thyago Andrade/AgBrazilnews

25 / 42

Antonia Morais

Gloria Pires’ daughter also showed support for Lula.

Thyago Andrade/AgBrazilnews Sabrina Sato  Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News

26 / 42

Sabrina Sato

The artist voted in São Paulo with the dog on her lap.

Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News Luís Ricardo  Lucas Ramos / Brazilian News

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Luis Ricardo

The presenter voted with his wife in Alphaville, São Paulo

Lucas Ramos / Brazilian News Juliette  ANDRÉ HORTA / BRAZIL NEWS



The BBB 21 champion voted in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

ANDRÉ HORTA / BRAZIL NEWS Rodrigo Lombardi  Thyago Andrade/Brazil News

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Rodrigo Lombardi

Actor comes to vote in Rio

Thyago Andrade/Brazil News Luiza Possi  Clayton Felizardo/Brazilian News

30 / 42

Luisa Possi

Singer takes her son to the voting area

Clayton Felizardo/Brazil News Sandy and Junior  Bruna Grassi/Brazil News


Sandy and Jr

Brothers gather to vote in Campinas (SP).

Bruna Grassi/Brazil News Camila Pitanga  AgNews

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Camila Pitanga

Actress chooses with red trousers and shirt with Lula print (PT)

AgNews Luciana Gimenez  News from Brazil

33 / 42

Luciana Gimenez

Moderator voices at school in Alphaville, SP

News from Brazil Maisa Silva  Rodrigo Sanches/Brazilian News

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Maisa Silva

Actress and presenter votes for school in class SP

Rodrigo Sanches/Brazil News Faro and Vera Much  Lucas Ramos / News from Brazil

35 / 42

Rodrigo Faro and Vera Much

Couple votes at school in Alphaville, SP

Lucas Ramos / Brazilian News Wanessa  Lucas Ramos/Brazil News

36 / 42


Singer voices at school in Alphaville, SP

Lucas Ramos/Brazil News André Marques  ROBERTO FILHO / BRAZIL NEWS

37 / 42

Andre Marques

Artist voices in Rio de Janeiro

ROBERTO FILHO / BRAZIL NEWS Livian Aragão  Roberto Filho/Brazil News

38 / 42

Livian Aragon

Renato Aragão’s daughter votes with her mother at school in Rio

Roberto Filho/Brazil News Xuxa Meneghel  ANDRÉ HORTA / BRAZIL NEWS

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Xuxa Meneghel

Accompanied by dog ​​Doralice, presenter votes in western Rio de Janeiro

ANDRÉ HORTA / BRAZIL NEWS Gloria Groove  Patrícia Devoraes/Brazil News

40 / 42

Gloria Groove

Daniel Garcia, stage name Gloria Groove, dials in central São Paulo

Patricia Devoraes/Brazil News Silvio Santos  Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News

41 / 42

Silvio Santos

SBT owner votes in São Paulo and takes photos with supporters at the constituency door

Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News Anitta  Roberto Filho/Brazil News

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Singer votes in Rio de Janeiro with a green alligator blouse

Roberto Filho/Brazil News