Hubert Vedrine If we make this war a civil war

Hubert Védrine: “If we make this war a civil war, it will not stop”

Hubert Vetrin. Fabien Clairefond

BIG INTERVIEW – A year after the Ukraine conflict began, the former foreign minister believes we are in the most serious moment since the war began.

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine on the orders of Vladimir Putin. A year after the conflict began, we gave the floor to professionals, but also to philosophers, historians and writers, to shed light on this war that changed the world in their own way.

A former diplomatic adviser to then-Foreign Minister François Mitterrand, Hubert Védrine spent 19 years at the heart of French diplomacy. Doing everything to ensure that Ukraine wins without dodging a direct confrontation with Russia is the only sustainable line of arms in the long run.

Hubert Védrine holds a “realistic” school in international relations, responding to accusations of complacency and blindness towards Putin. He claims that the West made a double mistake: that of arrogance in the 1990s and that of cowardice more recently.

Making this war in Ukraine a war…

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