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HTC U23 pro smartphone test – A comeback? –

HTC equips the U23 pro with five lenses, four on the back and one on the front. As is often the case in the mid-range, only the main camera on the back is convincing. The maximum resolution is 108 MPix, but the smartphone usually uses pixel binning to increase the resolution to 12 MPix. Color reproduction is natural, sometimes a bit dark, and images are generally sharp and detailed.

Photos from the ultra-wide-angle camera are significantly worse in quality than those from the main camera. The images are less clear, there is also noise and the images are distorted at the edges. The digital zoom doesn’t offer much added value either, as the images lose a lot of sharpness. The macro camera delivers decent results in bright light.

However, the U23 pro also allows you to take photos in full resolution. However, the subject must be well lit for the results to be good. In addition, the smartphone has a Pro mode where ISO, exposure time, aperture, white balance and focus can be adjusted manually. However, this mode can only be used with the main camera.

The front camera has a maximum resolution of 32 MPix, but the results often lack sharpness. The portrait mode, on the other hand, works very reliably. HTC has provided a special night mode for low light situations. The image noise is low, but overall the photos remain quite dark.

The U23 pro records videos with a maximum resolution of 1080p at 60 FPS on the front. 4K recordings are also possible on the back, but only at 30 FPS. HTC only supports video stabilization at 1080p resolution. The U23 pro reacts quickly to changes in light and the autofocus is also impressive. However, audio recordings contain background noise. The slow change between different camera modes is annoying.