How to survive a plane crash, the former host’s advice

How to survive a plane crash, the former host’s advice

Don’t try to escape with backpacks and luggage, take a damp piece of cloth with you, and don’t wear sandals or heels. Are some of the tips that Shawn Kathleen former flight attendant, in an interview with The Sun newspaper, spread the word about increasing the chances of surviving in the event of a plane crash.


In the event of an evacuation, don’t worry about your luggage

Last June, a plane caught fire in Miami after the landing gear broke. There were no fatalities, but various videos of the fleeing passengers have been released on the internet. According to the publications, many fled with their luggage. An unacceptable situation, according to the flight attendant: “Prepare yourself. When you make an emergency landing, one of the things you’ll hear from the crew is, “Abandon everything!” When your plane is on fire, you don’t even have seconds to pack your things, and the people behind you don’t want to die for you to take your clothes.”

Be careful with shoes

The recommendations of the hostess include wearing comfortable shoes, preferably closed. In fact, high-heeled shoes can pose a hazard to you and other travelers. An important rule is not to be barefoot when landing or taking off, as these are the times when most accidents happen. In the event of an accident, the bottom of the plane could be covered with boiling oil or get very hot: so it’s better not to be barefoot.

Dampen a piece of cloth to help you breathe

A piece of cloth (preferably damp) can help you breathe in case there is smoke in the cabin. In this case, it is advisable to stay as low as possible (the smoke tends to rise).

Don’t inflate your life jacket on the plane, that’s why

In the event of an emergency water landing, it is important not to inflate the life jacket on the plane. If you do that and the cabin fills with water, you’ll actually be pinched against the ceiling and won’t be able to swim underwater to get out,” the former flight attendant explains. A similar situation occurred in 1996 when an Ethiopian Airlines 961 plane was hijacked, resulting in a crash landing in the water. Passengers in the cabin pumped up their life jackets while the plane was in the water, the cabin filled with water and everyone was trapped inside were.